The Best Way to Build Your Own Chicken Houses

Whether you are planning to start your own poultry or chicken rearing business, you have to keep in mind that you need to provide the chicken with the right shelter. Today it is possible to either build the chicken coops on your own. Alternately, you could have some readymade coops bought which could be used to shelter your chicken. The choice between the two should be left to you depending on your comfort level and your specific needs and requirements. There is nothing wrong in trying your hand at building the chooks on your own, but you need to have some basic idea and information about the same. Let us try and understand what it takes to build a chicken shelter that is comfortable for the chicks and at the same time not very expensive on your pocket.

There are a few points that you need to ensure before you start building your own chook houses. First and foremost you should be sure that you have enough space to build the houses. You can find an online one stop shop where you can find every products for your chicken like shed, houses, pens, coops etc. Though the chicks might look very small, they need lot of space to move around. If you are stingy on the space that you allot for such coops you could be playing with the lives of these chicks which could prove very counterproductive. On an average, each chick would need around 4 square feet of space and this point has to be kept in mind while designing the coops.

You should also pay a lot of attention to the security aspect while designing these chicken houses. You have to be aware of the dangers from human beings and also predators. The latter could play havoc with your chicks and could lead your devastated if you are not careful on this count. While you must certainly have doors for your chicken homes, you should be sure that they can be locked from outside. The walls surrounding the chick homes should be strong and should prevent predators from breaking it open and entering the coops.

Chickens like other birds and animals need good ventilation. Quite often in our bid to stock larger amounts of chicks, we ignore the ventilation aspect which could again prove very costly. There should at least be one or two windows to allow oxygen to move in and out. The windows however should be properly secured so that they are safe from predators. Though you could choose any material for making the windows, glass is often considered the best choice because it helps to keep the chicks in good health when the weather outside in hostile and inclement.

You should also ensure that the chicks are properly fed and for this you should separate arrangements where food can be given to them. It is always better to have quite a few such places where food could be offered to the chicks. This will prevent overcrowding and avoid skirmishes and fights between the chicks. Water is very essential for chicks and you should have good chicken water which could supply adequate amount of water when the chicks need it.

While all these around about the construction part, it is important to keep the coops in good condition. Toward this objective, you should take pains to regularly clean the coops. It is quite normal that the coops could be scattered with droppings from the chicks. They should be removed and cleaned failing which you could run the risk of infecting the chicks with life-threatening diseases. In fine, while constructing a coop is quite difficult, it is equally challenging to ensure that it is maintained in the right condition.

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