Necessities for high quality video production

There are various important basics that every videographer must follow when they are either buying filming gear or during the video production process. Basics are those elements on which one must focus to produce the best results.

Video is the basic element of the process. The quality of the video camera used determines the quality of the video footage recorded. Although technological advancements in the sector provide for useful editing techniques, sometimes even editing cannot solve the problem of video editing quality. However, the acceptable quality also depends on the level of video production. For the casual shooter, a quality camera with a coloured screen and reliability will suffice. As the complexity increases, sophisticated equipment like video dubbing, manual override equipment, remote controlled cameras and character generators.

Even the fanciest cameras still need support for quality video production. The best videos are those produced with the cameras on a solid, smooth support. For the casual video producing individuals, a simple tripod with three legs will suffice. One of the most popular companies that sell video production accessories is Manfrotto. Manfrotto tripods are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on needs, nature of the location and size of the cameras. The highest professional level requires as high quality as a 5 leg tripod.

Audio is equally important even in video production. Poor quality audio ruins even the highest quality of video. Just like video, some levels of poor audio cannot be rectified even with the highest level of editing. The lowest levels of video production, the camcorder wielding parents, might not necessarily require complex audio production products.

In higher levels of video production, video production professionals might be forced to buy audio production products which are more complex. There is a wide range of audio equipment that can supplement the quality of audio recorded by the camcorders. There are portable microphones and camcorder mounted audio equipment especially required for professional video broadcast.

Another important aspect of good quality video production is lighting. Everyone enjoys a well lit and clear video. The best lit videos look professional and do not have the feeling of subdued picture. There are numerous sources of lighting like video kits, bouncing light sources like the white foam core and black poster board. Lighting is especially important in the corporate video production.

Accessories, the small items that make video production life easier, are not necessarily essentials for high quality material video production. However, they are the small things that make the video production process smooth. For instance, every video production, even the amateurs, must have an extra pair of batteries. Professionals who produce low budget videos often buy video production carts. With a cart, it is easy to move tripods, lights and cameras. At the professional levels, studios have closets and desks with different types and examples of accessories. Manfrotto accessories are available for all levels of video production.

Other necessities include computer software and editing software. These give video producers the capability to produce creative videos and fine tune their work.

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