How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be a real delight, especially during hot summer days, but make sure the water is really clean before you enjoy it with your friends and family. Follow these easy tips and advice if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

What products should you use?

An improperly maintained pool can negatively affect both your health and the general appearance of the water. You can always let specialists handle this, as it is not a very pleasant activity, but you can also do it yourself by using the right pool maintenance products. The most important thing you should do is to check the water regularly to make sure it is clean. Dirty water is an ideal environment for bacteria that can lead to dermatological conditions. Make sure you keep your water pH level constant and neutral (the pH is an indicator that expresses the acidity or alkalinity of the water on a scale where 7 is neutral), as a neutral level ensures the efficiency of cleaning products. You can use a special kit to test the pH level (they can also be used for your drinking water). All you have to do is take a water sample, put it in the tester, wait for it to change its color and then compare it with the color chart provided, to determine the pH level. Thin strips that you sink in the pool can also be a good idea. In time, the water in your pool will gather ammonia and other nitrates that, together with chlorine, will form chloramines that give a specific odor. Using products with a high concentration of chlorine should solve this problem.

You should also think about maintaining your pool during the cold season, if it is located outdoors. The pool maintenance products you will need include an air pump to eliminate all water from the piping system, because the remaining water will most likely freeze inside the pipes and clog them. You should also remove the water from the filter and the heater, using an antifreeze product, but not the one usually used for cars. Also, make sure that the product is non toxic. Evacuate the water from the pool until it reaches about 40 inches and then clean the entire swimming pool by brushing the walls and throwing away any possible water residues you might find at the surface. Then treat the remaining water with a chlorine based product and cover the pool until summer comes.

By following all these steps you will enjoy your swimming pool esevery summer in perfect sanitary conditions especially if you are using pool toys. Click here if you are looking for pool toys in Australia.

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