Cover Your Board, Cover Your Cash

Stand up paddle boarding is a popular water sport practiced by people of all ages from all over the world. The main piece of equipment is the board. Just like there is protective gear for the sports man, there is something for the board too.

“Board clothing”

First and foremost, a stand up paddleboard cover keeps unwanted substances away from its surface, stuff that could otherwise inhibit the board’s performance and nevertheless its appearance.

Second of all, the board can get damaged during transport or storage and the cover acts as a “shield” against physical shock. Direct sunlight exposure also proves to be destructive to the surface, UV being really demanding to it.

Therefore, by investing in a high quality cover you’re really saving money, as the cost of a new board greatly exceeding the one of a cover. You may as well consider it a long term investment. Click here if you are looking for paddleboards for sale.

There are certain characteristics that you have to look for if you wish to buy one. The quality of the materials used and of its construction largely determines its durability. A good cover is light weight, yet durable. An example of a good material is the coated ripstop nylon. One of its properties is that it is heat reflective. It can keep the board up to 30 degrees cooler than an uncovered one. Moreover, it is water repellant.

The nose and tail of a qualitative board cover are reinforced for increased protection. The zippers are more thought of than you’d think. They are highly resistant to corrosion, heavy duty parts. Around them there is a rail guard, appended to provide extra protection to the rails of the board.

Obviously, covers come in a wide specter of sizes (ranging from 8′ up to 12’6″), depending on the size of the board they are supposed to protect. The speed with which it slides on is another important feature to take into consideration and largely depends on its design.

To make matters easier, there usually is a carry handle on the bottom of the bag and a shoulder carry strap, making the rather large board fairly easy to carry around. The board is equipped with a fin to enhance stability, therefore, performance, and it has to have a slot of its own in the cover. Stand up paddleboards also imply the use of a paddle. As you may have guessed, this item also need protection, thus the built in paddle bag.

All in all, getting a cover for your beloved board is a must if you care for it and for your ability to use its potential to the maximum.

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