Aquarium Lights Sources To Support Freshwater Aquariums And Reef Aquariums

Aquarium lighting is one of the ways to provide photosynthetic life to planted aquariums and reef aquariums. The tank needs lighting to support life and encourage freshwater plant growth. The lighting is often provided by high-output fluorescent bulbs, LED lamps and incandescent bulbs. In place of natural lighting, the tanks need specialised light sources for better plant growth. Algae growth will also be present because of this high-output fluorescent lighting. The power wattage is different for various aquariums. Freshwater aquariums require about 2 to 5 watts per gallon and reef aquariums need about 4 to 8 watts per gallon of the tank water.Aquarium Lights1

Aquarium lights vary from standard fluorescent bulbs, Incandescent bulbs, high-output fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, metal halides and LED moon or LED lunar lights. The above mentioned aquarium lights suit freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and reef aquariums. The incandescent bulbs emit high heat and last only 2 to 4 months. Standard fluorescent bulbs offer multiple colours, cool and are inexpensive. They usually do not suit photosynthetic plants and invertebrates. High-output fluorescent bulbs offer longevity and can be used for freshwater aquariums.

Compact fluorescents can come up to 18-24 months but they emit high intensity of heat making you to use chillers. Metal halides are another set of light sources which also emit high intensity of heat along with UV radiation. Freshwater and reef aquariums may use these light sources to support photosynthetic life in the tanks. They provide bright lighting too.

LED light sources provide aquariums the required lighting with low power and best suit the reef and freshwater aquariums. Aquarium led lighting are not light bulbs but is a light emitting diode which is slowly gaining pace and popularity among aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium led lights are used nowadays as a substitute for standard light sources as they are low-power sources, energy-efficient and smart systems. LED light sources are today used as independent lights for both reef and freshwater aquariums. Aquarium LEDs are long-lasting are thus gaining huge attention from hobbyists allowing manufacturers to provide co-friendly lighting solutions for your aquariums. They offer narrow spectrum of colours using narrow spectrum of wavelength. Check over here for more information about aquarium led lights online.

The leds in the tank though do not harm or burn your hands even if you accidently touch them while cleaning the aquarium. These led light sources allow bright lighting making many retailers buy the product for saltwater, marine, and freshwater and reef aquariums. Though they were used formerly as moonlights for the aquariums, they are also now being used as daylights or white lights. Led light fixtures are thus used as the cost-effective light source for the aquariums.

Fish-tank lights aquariums use lighting only for illumination purpose for proper viewing of the fish in the tanks. The lighting used here is also not very bright and of low-intensity. They vary from two-tube overhead lighting, six to eight tube overhead lighting for the fish tanks. They do not allow any growth of plants or algae. They are solely used for the purpose of the optical view of the fish in the tank.

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